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Hello! I’m Lottie, welcome to the Blue Room

What is the Blue Room you ask yourself? The name comes from a tranquil area tucked away from the rest of my garden – an outdoor room. We christened it The Blue Room.  This has become the perfect space to get inspiration from; a space from which the seed of this venture grew – with the help of Monty – our very naughty cat… Read More


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Create your own Family Fun Portraits

Great for grandparents, christenings or just to hang on your wall.

Exclusive to The Blue Room by LottieB - LemonadeTrifle Bespoke Family Prints from  very cute characters and hobby options -   simply follow the three steps below and have fun building your own personalised   print suitable for any occasion.   If you have a request for something specific, get in touch and we will see what we can do. 

Priced from: £20 (inc delivery)

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